A few mistakes

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good weekend.

This past week, I’ve made more mistakes than I have bracelets; which is going to happen in my case.

Over the week, I’ve tried to make 3 different Rainbow Loom bracelets.

The first bracelet that I tried making was the [TriSingle] bracelet.

I tried to make this bracelet twice, but it didn’t work out. I’ll attempt this design again soon.

Sorry that this a little blurry.

This was the second bracelet that I tried making; it’s connected, but I wasn’t able to get it to my desired length.

I was in the middle of pulling the bands up and over when the whole thing popped off. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to put it back on my Monster tail.

I enjoyed making the https://youtu.be/CovaFimrbgU

This was the bracelet that I just messed up, before I started writing this post.

I love the design of the Dragon Scale Cuff bracelet.

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him—  my father’s God, and I will exalt him! – Exodus 15:2

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