April fools ideas

Hey everyone, I hope that you had a good weekend.

So, most of you already know, but I just wanted to remind you that Thursday is April 1st, (I can’t believe it’s almost April) also known as April Fools day.

I decided to give you guys some ideas, so you can prank those around you.

The only idea I could think of without the help from the internet.

Just as a heads up; my idea may already be on the internet, if so I’m not trying to steal it.

If you know someone who drinks water or some type of clear liquid, then this is a great prank.

Ok you’re going to need vinegar (not house cleaning vinegar obviously) to replace the water, then when they aren’t looking; switch it out with the vinegar. I recommend not being in the splash zone, incase they do a spit take.

Here’s what I mean by a spit take:

Since that was the only idea I could come up with; I found a few videos with ideas to help you prank your loved ones anytime.

Here’s the the first one:

Second video:

Lastly, I found a laugh out loud video, here is the link:

Happy pranking! Have a good week.

If you have any prayer requests, feel free to reach out.

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